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Korrespondenz mit einer pseudo-schamanischen Sekte
Diese Korrespondenz läßt erkennen, wie eine pseudo-schamanische Sekte ihre weltweiten Geschäfte anzubahnen versucht und wie BALISHAMAN darauf reagierte!
Alle Emails vom 20.2.2014 in Englisch.

veröffentlicht von Ketut Arianik


Korrepondenz mit einer pseudo-schamanischen Sekte in Brasilien

Erste Email vom 20.2.2014:


It's very important to us contact you, because, the Shamanism is our Sacred Way as well.

We're writting you in name of ALDEIA DE SHIVA. We're an important Shamanic Center in Brazil, located in Amazon and São Paulo, where lives Akaiê Sramana, our founder and a recognized brazilian Medice Man and Shaman Healer, that dedicates your life to work helping people with ancestral healing techniques in Sacred Shamanic Cerimony, using the following forest medicines: Ayahuaska, Jurema, San Pedro (Wachuma) and Rapé (kind of tabaco medicine).

Akaiê Sramana is the author of three important shamanic books in portuguese, "Ancestral Shamanism - The Ancient India Legacy", "Quantum Shamanism - The Shaman Legacy" and "Holographic Shamanism - The Star Legacy". He's indigenous singer and author of two Shamanic Music Album, URUCUM VERMELHO (Red Urucum) and JAYA AHOW (Aldeia de Shiva Sacred Music). He teaches and works with shamanism have more than 14 years ago, in your trajetory, went through shamanic iniciations in Amazon, Bolivia, Peru, India and Nepal.

We appreciate a lot the opportunity to stablish a good contact with you, to propose some shamanic experience developed by ALDEIA DE SHIVA and Akaiê Sramana in your sacred space, like shamanic conference, workshop, treatments, music presentation or some shamanic cerimony with the amazon plants (Anm.: Hervorhebungen in Fettschrift erfolgte durch uns).

Akaiê Sramana is the ALDEIA DE SHIVA founder and has been teaching Ancestral, Quantum and Holographic Shamanism for over 14 years in Brazil and other countries. He teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying and energy healing, with amazon spiritual medicines, using healing techniques from Kaxinawa, Ashaninka, Yawanawa and Tupinamba tribes. He has trained several brazilian shamans and founded an international shamanic tradition, integrating oriental and ocidental healing methods (Anm.: Hervorhebungen in Fettschrift erfolgte durch uns). Akaiê combine ancestral healing techniques with modern and metaphysical healing methods, where the conciousness cure, is the target!

Our work in Brazil come colaborating to the medicine and science, helping some professional like physicians, psicologists, doctors, psychiatrists, naturologists and other Health Professional fields, to integrate ancient and modern healing methods, helping people to open the heart and the mind to Shamanic Healing Treatments.

To know more about our work, please, visit our websites:

1st -

2nd -

3rd -

4rd -

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact to us:



(Anm.: Signatur der Sekte wurde von uns gelöscht)

BALISHAMAN's Antwort auf diese Email vom 20.2.2014

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thanks for your email. Since 1997 my wife, Ketut Arianik, the owner and initiator of Balishaman – Bali Shamanic Services, arranges authentic shamanic healing treatments and other traditional and genuine shamanic services (including white magical interventions in justified cases only) for our many clients from all over the world. All shamanic treatments and services are done by gifted Balinese shamans and traditional healers practicing in Bali. Ketut comes from a Balinese family which brought forth acknowledged and gifted shamans and healers throughout generations and I am her advisor in all concerns running this mission. So let me give you some insights in our philosophy:

Balishaman doesn’t arrange or provide any shamanic education. We are highly skeptical about all those pseudo- and plastic-shamans that grow rampant in the west, and - as we just have learned by reading your email and visiting your websites - obviously also in Brazil. I do know, that your Hindu orientated organization is established there and you are working with shamanic master plants of  the Andean traditional medicine, but this doesn’t change our perspective. We doubt severely, that someone can ever become a shaman by education or by attending some seminars. Especially this we do consider a big illusion, because the essence of being a shaman or a shamanic healer is the presence of Shamanic Power and the capability to ignite a condition of temporary dissociation. Both of these capabilities are a condition sine qua non for each and anyone who wishes to practice as a shaman successfully. Both of them neither can be taught, nor learnt, because those conditions belong to the intangible realms of existence. Yes, they can be gained by some individuals, but that has nothing to do with education but solely with grace.

It’s also our mission to protect the Balinese shamanism and the interests of our shamans from exploitation and misusage of all kind. Therefore we don’t understand why you could ever suppose that we are possibly interested to promote “some shamanic experience developed by ALDEIA DE SHIVA and Akaiê Sramana” in Bali, “like shamanic conference, workshop, treatments, music presentation or some shamanic ceremony with the Amazonian plants”.

Let me tell you this:

We have dedicated our life and work to cure people from all around the world and any walk of life from even serious or chronic diseases or offer them relief from psychic problems, stress, mental disorders and the toils of life by arranging specific healing treatments for them, all done by real and gifted shamans who are practicing in Bali.

We are living here in a Hindu culture (97% of Bali’s population are Hindus). The shamanic teacher and master plant Ayahuasca is considered a narcotic drug in Indonesia and its trafficking is punished by death and its usage with long term prison. Thus, I cannot really see the advantage for us and our work in respect to your proposal.

We are here to do the practical shamanic work, that means our shamans heal, cure, help and support their Balinese brothers and sisters and our many clients as well. We are not interested in playing Indians or Shamans or in doing "education work" to produce even more plastic shamans in spe. We are doing the real job here and non of our shamans has ever had any need of an initiation. Nor has any of them ever been certified as a shaman! Why? Because there is no need at all for such nonsense and stupidity in genuine shamanism!

If you really do wish, feel or think that you are a shaman, simply sit down and work as a one by providing your Healing Power - should you have any - to your sick fellow humans or real solutions for their many problems retrieved by yourself from the Other Side!

It’s not the self-empowerment of our shamans which heals their and our sick and suffering clients, but its explicitly the grace of having gained Real Shamanic Power. If you have it, the Balinese will acknowledge this and will consider you a shaman. They will contact you for being cured, consult with you and ask for your acclaimed advice. If you don’t have Real Shamanic Power, however, you will be breadless in Bali and even a subject of mocking. In this case it would be better if you work as a ditch digger to make a living in Bali than as a pseudo shaman, who only pretends to be a real one. Thus, not one of the locals in Bali will ever care about you and your so-called “shamanic services”, even if you wrap them into a nice silver paper or telling the Balinese your fairytales about the many powerful healing spirits you are in control of, eloquently.

So what?

We do have the Real Shamans here, who are helping their fellow Balinese (and our clients) on a daily basis by simply fulfilling their inherited spiritual duty as traditional healers, trance mediums or magicians. And we do have the real Hinduism here, which is even celebrated publicly on the Island of the Gods. Yes, we are living on an island with an indigene shamanic culture, where the real shamanism is practiced and not this sham of pseudo-shamanism that permeates currently the western world. The latter is only beneficial for its proponents, who extort a lot of money from their gullible sheeple with their malicious deceit.

Therefore my wife and I wonder in which way ALDEIA DE SHIVA or Akaiê Sramana could support us to fulfill our mission in an even better way?

If you really have an answer to this question, please let us know.

Kind regards
Dr. Friedrich Demolsky & Ketut Arianik

(Anm.: Signatur BALISHAMAN's wurde von uns gelöscht)

Antwort des Sektenführers Akaiê Sramana vom 20.2.2014

Hello my dear Friedrich,

Always be welcome!

We appreciate a lot your answer, thank you so much!

Firstly, we are trying establish contact with people that can open your mind to visionary experiences, and go out of limitations and mental confinement… we never can speak or comment about subjects that we cannot understand! If you do not know nothing about the Ayahuaska Universe, you cannot speak about the shamanic style practiced in the West side of the planet… what do you know about Amazon and Ayahuaska Shamanism? due this, be impossible for you understand the shamanic healing traditions, practiced here, in the amazon forest… but, to your understanding, our work is pure, clean and elevated, because promote freedom to the people and help people go out of several mental limitations, including drugs addiction, depression, stress and other contemporary mental diseases. Control the forest forces is another shamanic department that balishamanism do not understand, because do not work with ways to expand the consciousness of the shaman, like ayahuaska, jurema, san pedro, peyote, and etc, to arrive in energetic dimensions where establish contact with high level spirits, dimensions where high and pure energies exists, and can be used by the shaman to align and cure the vibration of the body, eliminating bad and negative energies tied in the energetic body, and can be used to promote high concentrated level of vital energy to the person!

In your work you can control some forces, spirits and be guided by him, but, in the ayahuaska shamanism dimension, the Spiritual World is accessed by another ways… that maybe, you never will touch without the help of the power plants, unless you be a true and powerful medium.

Our deal is not make plastic-shamans, but, develop healer that really, can connect with yourself, your vital energies, and be guided by the nature and the Spiritual World, where there are the true Spiritual Shamans.

If your country do not permit work with ayahuaska, it is because, the govern control the life and the spirituality of the population, do not permitting people explore your heart to be better, firstly, to yourself, to be better to the nation… to advance the study of the life and of the Spiritual World, without mental and emotional control… it’s a prove that several limitations and illusions was incorporated in the Bali culture in the past, that maintain the people manipulated and controlled by the ignorance of the unknown, until today.

One day, if you have Spiritual Permission, you will cross the way of a authentic amazon shaman, to understand what you do not understand yet in the Shamanism Universe!

We are trying integrate the “spiritual life” of the orient with the “science” of the occident, using the shamanics tools and ancient techniques to help people open your minds to new possibilities, to be more healthy and more happy, learning with the nature archetypes and growth opportunities around the life, studying in altered state of consciousness, promoted by the sacred medicines. (Anm.: Hervorhebungen in Fettschrift erfolgte durch uns)

In the pure shamanism we believe that everybody is brother, because, just one Mather have here, the Mather-Earth so, everybody is one alone. Due this, do not have the best shamanic tradition, each one have your message, have your voice!

If we cannot go until you, we invite you come here, to know our work! (Anm.: Hervorhebungen in Fettschrift erfolgte durch uns)

If you really, would like know more about Amazon Shamanism, integrated with Himalayan Shamanism (Anm.: Hervorhebungen in Fettschrift erfolgte durch uns), working together, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


BALISHAMAN's Antwort auf diese Email vom 20.2.2014

Dear Sramana,

Thanks for your reply.

How do you know, that I don’t have any idea about or experience with the Andean shamanism? Who is to say? You? Really? Sorry, but here you missed the perspective completely in spite of your many experiences with Ayahuasca.

I wrote more than 180 articles about shamanism, healing, magic and awareness in the course of time. Click HERE, and HERE and HERE and go through them even if you don’t understand German. Look simply at the photos and you will immediately realize that you have been wrong.

Just last week a French doctor of school-medicine who lives since 34 years in Peru, where he runs a rehabilitation center for drug addicts based upon treatments with Andean medicine including Ayahuasca, visited me in Bali, in order to consult with me and to get access to our capable shamans, who should free him from the negative effects of a black magical intervention caused by a Peruvian shaman. Did you get my point? They are coming to us, because we can and really do help them - very successfully though, to speak frankly with you exercising all my modesty.

We are sitting on the other side of the world, but, of course, we do know what’s going on with the shamanism in South America and with the Andean shamanism especially. We do know, there is a vested interest of many Andean "shamans" (and for the many pseudo-shamans and wannabes over there as well) to make with their seminars and Ayahuasca, Peyote or Teonanacatl retreats a lot of money from people who believe in them. However, those entheogen plants are here for everyone who is mature enough dealing with the plant spirits. There is no need at all to spend a lot of money for having this experience. Everyone who wish to gain it, can have it free of charge, because the vine is growing everywhere in the upper Amazon and so do Chacruna leafs.

I don’t have any objection against the form of shamanism that is established in South America. On the contrary, I do appreciate and respect also this indigene shamanic cultures, even because they are different to the one in Bali. But I do have a lot of serious objections against all those numberless and mindless suckers, usurers and exploiters out there who only try to get the money out of their sheeple’s wallets by only emulating real shamans and their ancient and sacred rituals. Such guys I do not consider as SHAMANS, but as SHAM-MEN.

I study shamanism since more than 35 years, and for 19 years the one established in Bali. But I still do not consider myself being a shaman - never had and never will. My interest in this subject doesn’t make me a shaman, does it?

But as a well informed individual I get suspicious if someone considers it necessary to combine the local shamanism with the Hindu religion from the other side of the world or claims – like other pseudos do – he or she is teaching “International Shamanims”. For sure, there are in the meantime other self-empowerers out there who consider themselves already as specialists in Intergalactic Shamanism. What an "initiation" in dissociative identity disorder!

And how about your queer pseudonym "Sramana"? I guess you know its real meaning, do you?

Many years ago, I wrote in one of my articles, that Buddhist monks brought the word "shamanism" to Siberia. These monks were called "samana" at this time, a term retrieved from the language Pali. The word "samana" itself has its etymological roots in the Sanskrit term "sramana" - your pseudonym - which means "asket" or "someone who is committed to do spiritual exercises". The noun "sramana" has the verb "sram" at its root, which means "to exercise in a disciplined and committed way", or "heating up oneself". The word "ashram" is related to the word "sram", as it is a location where devotees are doing serious spiritual exercises.

Should you know the real meaning of your pseudonym "Sramana", you obviously wish to express both meanings to your surroundings: 1. being an asket, who is committed to do serious spiritual exercises, and 2. being a shaman as well.

It is your business alone to use such a pseudonym, or each and any pseudonym at all. But what should the world think about an asket or a shaman, who considers it necessary, to adopt and emphasize the very properties and meaning of the term asket or shaman by using them as a pseudonym? Is it not enough that you pretend being a shaman? Is it really necessary, that you express your self-proclaimed status, which is hidden for the ignorant, once more by using this very pseudonym?

Your peers around the world may call themselves "First Pipe Carrier", "Gay Eagle", "White Buffalo Woman" or "First Sweat Lodge Attendant" - but YOU are much smarter than all of them by using the very pseudonym "Sramana" and its hidden meaning to amplify to the initiated ones who or what YOU REALLY are..., isn't it, Sramana? And even the ignorant ones are forced to accept your unquestionable status as a shaman, simply by calling you by your pseudonym. Isn't that an indication or a symptom of a clinical sickness, Sramana?


Sorry, we don’t play such ridiculous games because our mission is very different. We are not here to impress you or others with our titles or by that what we do, but we are here to arrange highly effective shamanic healing treatments for sick and despaired people, for patients with chronic diseases, whom the school-medicine cannot help with its limited means and false concepts.

My wife and I do have the privilege to live on our own devices. Therefore BALISHAMAN spends a good part of the moneys it makes by providing our services for sick, old, handicapped and other people in need in Bali. Currently BALISHAMAN cares  for 26 people in need on a monthly basis financially; and we have built up a pig farm for a poor family in East Bali, the poorest region on the island, in order to improve the living standards for some individuals living in this poverty ridden area.

Well, look at your website and to what YOU have to offer to the people and then compare it with our mission. Can you see the difference – the significant difference? I wish you could!

What you are doing in Brazil, thousands of others are doing in Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico and elsewhere on this planet. And they all do it for one single purpose - to make a nice living for themselves or for their gurus, if we look into the Indian or Nepalese realm of this worldwide scam. The Hare Krishna sect in your link directory reveals more about yourself and the value of your offers, as you might incline to believe.

Anyway, this is not the way we deal with the phenomenon "Shamanism". Our approach and understanding is totally different than yours - and so is our mission. We like to keep the Balinese shamanism clean from all these ridiculous and stupid distortions which showed up with all those material interests behind the efforts of plastic shamans, fakes, wannabes, priests and gurus who are haunting the world  with their strange and utopic phantasmagories until today.

We are not here to criticize you or others, as long as you or they don't misuse the Balinese shamanism. Beyond that, do what ever you want!

But there are already others who have criticized all those fakes out there! Please read the “Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality" and determine yourself whether you belong to their potential enemies or not. My wife, our shamans, our team and, of course, myself do support each word of this declaration.

As you already can see, it's really better you do your business in Brazil without any affiliation to BALISHAMAN and we are going forward with our mission in Bali without any affiliation to your organization.

Anyway, have a nice day, my dear Sramana!

Kind regards from the Isle of the REAL ONES




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